“Does the Bible say it’s a sin to drink and smoke?” KevOnStage answers

The hugely popular – and sometimes controversial – Christian comedian, KevOnStage, has teamed up with his good, self-professed ‘ratchet’ friend for a new series of videos that attempt to discuss topics most of us often wonder about – from a righteous and ratchet point of view.

In the first episode that came out October 16, the pair ask the question: “Is it a sin to drink alcohol and smoke weed?”! Some of us would already have our answer to that straight off the back, but Kev and his buddy do have a couple of interesting points….a couple…

Oh, and if you weren’t sure about the meaning of the term ‘ratchet’, the video should give you a very good understanding.

Head on over to www.vinejuice.co.uk/juicy to watch the discussion between Kev and his ‘ratchet’ friend. Then pop on over to Facebook or Twitter @Vinejuice and let us know your views on the topic. Do you agree with the ratchet or righteous point of view?

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