Guvna B scoops his second MOBO

The east London lad does it again! Grime/hip-hop artist, Guvna B, won the Best Gospel Act MOBO 2016 Award, and makes history in the process.

This is the Guvna’s second MOBO win, making him the only gospel act to receive two MOBOs. He also gave a winning speech as he received his Award, by giving some insider music industry tips to other up-and-coming artists – such a good guy.

He said, “I won my last MOBO six years ago, and in that time I’ve learnt a lot. After that, I just realised that once you win, you’re kind of like the man of the moment and everyone loves you and that kind of stuff. But, if you go a couple of years without substantial success, people start to forget about you and not really care. It made me realise that the industry we’re in is very fickle. So the most important thing I learnt is to look at the people who have been there in your greatest moments and in your not-so-great moments as well. God has been there for me. I’ve felt His presence every single step of the way. I love God…”

His mum suddenly joined him on stage and embraced her strapping, winning son…very sweet. He went on to give a word of encouragement to fellow artists:

“Just keep on going, keep on going, because even if it’s not mainstream it’s doing something special. It’s touching hearts, touching souls – and you can’t put a price on that.”

Guvna B beat off stiff competition in the Best Gospel Act category from S.O., Sarah Téibo, Volney Morgan & New-Ye and Andrew Bello – with many people saying that the 2016 list of nominees has been the strongest collective for many years – an indication that the gospel music industry in on its way back up? We hope so.

Congratulations to Guvna B for his win and to all the nominees.

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