V3 – “Alive” in Christ by Milton B Allen

“V3 are sisters Shelly, Sacha and LaToya Vinson from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Their newly released album, ‘Alive’, is an eclectic mix of music infused with elements of pop, contemporary Christian, gospel, reggae, hip-hop, urban and techno musical styles, laced with unapologetic messages about faith. ‘Alive’ marks V3’s long-awaited return to their recording ministry after a 10-year absence.

Alive’ is far more than an album title. It is a body of work that represents a restoration of faith, conscience and, literally, life. The title track is V3’s testimony of having survived a serious life-threatening car accident 10 years ago in Detroit. Sacha said, “We blacked out. The doors were jammed. Shelley was stuck in the car. We were placed in separate hospitals. On ‘Alive’ we talk about what we went through and how God kept us. We know we are here for a reason and a purpose.”

Says Shelly, “We live our lives daily by faith, and we are guided by our faith in God! Going through the experiences in life that we’ve gone through made our faith stronger, and we use that in the music we make. We know that if we hadn’t gone through the things we’ve gone through, we wouldn’t be able to stand in front of an audience with strong passion and conviction. We couldn’t tell them about something that we haven’t experienced or felt ourselves. We know that God gave us these experiences in life, so that we can help others and encourage others who are facing things that we’ve faced. Our faith has been strengthened and made stronger by facing certain challenges, and now we can use those challenges to connect with someone who’s listening and strengthen them.”

They wrote and produced most of the songs on the independent release. ‘Alive’ is the first national project V3 can say is totally theirs. ‘Alive is far from your traditional gospel recording. Drawing inspiration from a variety of music genres and influences, ‘Alive is sonically eclectic, resonating soul and spirit from across an international musical spectrum.

“With ‘Alive’ we weren’t concerned with the latest beat. We were just trying to make good music,” says Shelley. “We were trying to make music that felt good to us and resonated in our spirit. This album definitely stretched us, because we had to wear all the hats, but we’re so proud of it because we put this album together ourselves – from bottom to top and from top to bottom.”

From start to finish, ‘Alive’ ignites feelings of hope, faith and love without religious boundaries, and crosses musical formats to meet people where they are. The struggles that V3 faced, and the hurdles they had to climb after their near-fatal accident, are not unlike those that women around the world face every day. V3 puts I this way: “We would say that if you have God on your side there’s no limit to what you can achieve! Women, you are stronger than you know. And there’s room for every one of us women to shine. We don’t have to tear each other down or compete with one another or be jealous and fight each other. Our job as women is to lift each other up, encourage one another, and be great role models for our daughters who need us!  Despite what society or anyone else says, know your worth, know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and know that God has a plan for your life, so don’t settle for less than God’s best for you!”

Learn more about V3 at http://www.v3worldwide.com/ and http://www.virtuosomusicanddistribution.com/V3/index.html


Milton B. Allen

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