Jojo Simmons Retires From Rap To Start record Label with Partner and friend Femi Iloyi (FEROmedia)

Rev Run’s son Jojo Simmons has retired from rap to move into the business side of hip-hop.

Rather than continuing on his efforts to emulate his father, JoJo is now trying to emulate his uncle Russell Simmons who is the founder of Def Jam Records.  The new Label is called Who’s House Entertainment.  Jojo took to Instagram

Femi Iloyi is well respected and already runs a successful independent label and media company with his powerful and inspirational family in the UK.  A multi award winning businessman who is multi skilled Femi Iloyi has created platforms and been a pioneer in his respective field for over ten years now.  The pair have already worked together creating music for TV networks and hit TV shows and now they have taken their relationship to another level by partnering together to create Who’s House Entertainment.





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