Hannah Ola Announces New Single, ‘Baba Dey’, Featuring Faith Child

Hannah Ola is not playing around in this music biz at all, after dropping her deluxe edition single, ‘Baba Dey’ ft Faith Child in March. ‘Baba Dey’ was released together with a remix version, produced by leading Nigerian artist, Tim Godfrey.

And, just to prove that she’s put in the work, she’s dropped not one but TWO videos – both on the same day! Uvi Orogun directed the videos, so you already know they’ve got to be hot.

Just in case you were wondering (like us), ‘Baba Dey’ is a popular broken/pidgin English term, which translates as ‘God lives’. About the track, Hannah says this:

“I wrote ‘Baba Dey’ during a period when I wondered whether God could see the injustice happening around me, and why He would allow it to persist. The song was a personal encouragement to me not to give up in dark situations, because indeed, ‘Baba Dey’! God is real, and continues to confirm His sovereignty in my life, even when it is difficult to accept or understand, He is always in control, and the results always prove it!”

Learn more about Hannah Ola and her music at vinejuice.co.uk/music.

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