Highly Fabulous 2017 Women’s Conference 2017

The conference is heart-centred and high impact, drawing women from across the globe, as they come together not only to celebrate their wins, but to grow together and learn more strategies for growth and success.

Founder, Patricia Benjamin, has carefully selected speakers, who will take each woman from motivation to strategy and know-how in relationships, entrepreneurship, career and purpose-driven living.

Women can expect to receive support, both practically and spiritually, as they strive for their goals. A time and place, where fabulous connections will be made.

Speakers include:

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good: Hollywood power couple, who waited until marriage to have sex, say this may be the key to a better life. They are the authors of the best-selling book, The Wait. Meet and greet, and book signings available.

“The choices you make in love can alter the course of your entire life” – DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good.

Tera Carissa from Atlanta, Georgia: Minister and life coach, Tera is one of the most influential voices among women today, and her ability to bring clarity is second to none. She speaks comprehensively on Purpose and, if you want powerful truth you can take to the bank, Tera is the one.

“If you are trying to live right, you will have an opponent, and any time you have an opponent, you must have a coach. Some things can’t be preached. They have to be taught” – Tera Carissa.

Felicia Phillips – The 7 Figure Businesswoman from Atlanta, Georgia: Felicia has been successful in business for over 20 years, and forensically shows women not how to build a business but how to create an empire.

“Most entrepreneurs never see their dreams or their desires. The reason for this is because they do not truly believe in their own vision. Success can only be achieved if you can see your vision with your eyes shut. Let your mind embrace your victory, then you win” – Felicia Phillips.

Diane Robertson Martin, CBE, from Ireland: This influencer survived prostitution in her teens, and has spent nearly 20 years supporting women to exit prostitution; working with others to develop strategy, policy, service, prevention and exiting options. Diane was awarded the CBE in 2013 by the Queen for her work with vulnerable women in prostitution.

“I look forward to inspire by what God has done in my life, not just in terms of my back story, but in how God has taken me forward as a social entrepreneur, and being an activist to speak truth to power” – Diane Robertson Martin, CBE.

Patricia Benjamin, host: Awarded media personality; Network Leader, Christian Women in Media; Top 100 Most Influential Black People in Digital Media; Chief Operating Officer of American cancer charity, Making it Matter; life coach and pastor, Patricia comes from a place of compassion, authority and strategy.

Tickets: www.universe.com/highlyfabulous2017.com

Your day will include ‘highly fabulous style’ networking, workshops, inspirational presentations, music, humour, one-to-ones, refreshments and more.



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