In the spotlight: Dominique Haddon by Vanessa Grossett

Keep The Faith (KTF): Many people will know you as the wife of well-known gospel singer and pastor, Deitrick Haddon. For the purposes of this interview, we want to get to know you, so please tell us about yourself, and most importantly how you came to know Christ.

Dominique Haddon (DH): When I think of who I am, I see myself as a strong, independent woman. I don’t follow trends, but march to the beat of my own drum. I think for myself, and I don’t allow people to influence my thinking or convictions. Many people don’t know that I am a preacher’s kid; my dad was a pastor until he passed away. I was born into a family that was on the brink of divorce due to infidelity. I have known Christ all of my life. I know the perception by the vast majority is probably that I was some person off the street, and only met Christ when I met Deitrick, but that’s false. My grandfather is a pastor; brothers are preachers and pastors, cousins and uncles as well. So I come from a long line of preachers. My mom, as well, was an evangelist in her own right, even though she didn’t operate in it fully.

Outside of the church, I am a college graduate. I have my Associate of Arts (AA) degree and Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Liberal Studies. I attended my local junior college, Los Angeles Southwest College, where I obtained my AA after graduating high school in 2003; then I transferred to another local university, California State University Dominguez Hills, where I obtained my BA. I was well into graduate school when I met Deitrick, and became pregnant before I could complete my Graduate programme. I plan to go back to my studies once my children are all in school.

I am a person who loves to learn about things and people, and try to broaden my views on things of the world and on the Word of God.

KTF: What challenges have you faced (if any) along the way to becoming a first lady, wife and mother, and how did you overcome them?

DH: Challenges, I believe, are inevitable when you assume a new role in life. The hardest challenge I have faced is being balanced – knowing when to be wife, mom and/or first lady. Sometimes I don’t switch hats; if you catch me off guard you may get all three at once! To be more specific, as the wife of a gospel artist, you have to share your spouse not just with his fans, but with friends and family as well. They always want his attention and time, to make sure they are not forgotten, and that, at times, is hard when you want the attention or the time alone with your spouse.

As a mother, I try to be everything to (the children), because my mom wasn’t able to do that for me. She had to work to keep food on the table, and keep her three kids with the basic necessities of life. My kids demand my attention all the time, and at times it is draining, but I find strength in knowing that they need me and love having me around. As they get older this dynamic may change, so I simply enjoy the moment and time while it lasts.

As a first lady, I do it all. I have a team, but I run the meetings and do paperwork and whatever is lacking within the ministry. I have a hard time in this position, because everyone wants to tell me how to be a first lady, when I know how to be a first lady and know how God wants me to operate while in this position. That is the challenging part for me.

KTF: Can you briefly tell us what does your ministerial role as first lady involves?

DH: Being first lady currently involves organising, strategising and structuring our church. In March, I will be leading the Women’s Ministry and become director of our Youth & Young Adults Ministry. I pretty much run the day-to-day operation of the church.

KTF: Many women can find it difficult to balance their spiritual life, with being a mother and wife, and their career. How do you balance those, and what advice would you give to women who are struggling to find that balance?

DH: As I stated before, I too struggle with balance, but what I am learning is that you have to set timelines and boundaries for yourself, to know when to stop and be a wife, a mother, first lady, friend, family and, lastly, to be Dominique. I start every morning by enriching my mind with God’s Word and then prayer. If I am too busy, then I find space within my day to spend time with God. You have to be committed to it in order to make the time to do it. I give God His time, because He blesses me every day with the opportunity to live and enjoy life. The least I can do is honour him with a few minutes in my day.

KTF: Do you have any projects on the horizon that you would like to share with our readers?

DH: I am at the early stages of a few ideas, but I will announce them when they are solid.

KTF: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc?)

DH: Everyone can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram: @Domerella

Twitter: @Domerella

Facebook: Dominique Domerella Haddon


KTF: Thank you very much for taking your time to do this interview. God bless.

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