Kim Burrell Proves that She is Still Pressing on with NAACP Image Award Win

To say that one of the most renowned gospel vocalists of our times, Kim Burrell, has had a tough few months would be a major understatement.

Following the backlash she received for the video of her speaking on homosexuality during a sermon, many wondered whether her career could survive such a blow – particularly as she suffered a string of cancelled shows and TV appearances.

Despite it all, it seems that both Kim and her career have survived. She was awarded a NAACP Image Award in February, alongside Pharrell, for their collaboration on the ‘Hidden Figures’ soundtrack, ‘I See Victory’. The NAACP Image Award is an American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People accolade to honour outstanding people of colour in film, television, music and literature.

Hopefully, the title of the song rings true for her, and she’s able to put the chaos of the last few months behind her and move on in her career and ministry. This award may just be the beginning of a new season in Kim Burrell’s life.

Hidden Figures’ was released in the UK on 17th February.

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