Training Kings – the UK’s Largest Christian Business Network by Joy Roxborough

Training Kings is the UK’s largest Christian Business Network, with 14 established branches operating across the UK.

Training Kings Operations Manager, Francesca McDowall, said: “This has been a fantastic achievement since our inception in 2013. But the progress of individual members is our greatest achievement to date.”

Training Kings is the brainchild of property investor, Samuel Leeds. After becoming a Christian and establishing a successful business, some people advised Samuel to stop working on his business, to avoid falling into the trap of loving money. This set Samuel on a path of studying Biblical Economics and learning that money is neither good nor bad but a tool that can be used.

Samuel discovered that so many other Christian business people were isolated, and holding their faith and their business in separate hands. Some were even subconsciously sabotaging their business success, in order to attain holiness. These are the experiences and discoveries that inspired him to establish Training Kings.

Samuel said: “Training Kings is a place where Christians can be inspired and equipped to be successful in business. It’s an environment where success is celebrated and encouraged, to ultimately make a difference in the community and across the world, not to serve our egos but to promote the glory of God.

“The significance of the name, ‘Training Kings’, comes from the fact that the Bible teaches that believers are kings and priests unto God and, as such, Training Kings was devised as an environment for individuals to receive information, instruction and advice. This will help them to develop skills and abilities so they can fulfil their purpose and be fully established as a king or royalty in the earth.”

With his signature enigmatic grin and pumped-up energy that infuse his presentations, Samuel makes achieving business success look easy. But, he admits, “Starting out in business can be a daunting decision for some, and every business can face different challenges. To be successful, it is important that you have a vision you truly believe in and are passionate about. In addition, you must have a gutsy determination to keep going and not give up should you encounter any rocky patches along the journey.

“Individuals who are successful have a strategy to reach their goal, as well as support from others to help them to stay focused. Honesty and integrity are also essential; and lastly, it’s important for people to be willing to learn from others as well as from their own mistakes.”

Samuel went on to explain: “A common issue that many individuals in business face is feeling isolated, as they may not have a team to share and bounce ideas off. The connections and networking through Training Kings events and our members-only forum provide the opportunity for members to share best practice and explore alternative solutions for issues raised.

“Having the benefit of a supportive network of others, who have walked a similar journey, provides reassurance and an outside perspective that focuses on possibilities.

“Some business owners lack training and up-to-date information, and we provide support, training and also a platform for individuals to share their challenges and request support. It’s not just about who is in the room, but who those in the room know and also network with.”

Training Kings networking sessions typically take the form of breakfast or dinner events. These happen on varying days to ensure they are accessible to everyone, including those who are currently in paid employment but who have a vision and desire to start their own businesses.

At each event, there is a guest speaker who inspires and imparts invaluable business strategies to members and visitors. Represented businesses are also given a sixty-second opportunity to showcase their business. There is then an open networking session, and every event closes with a prayer of blessing.

Francesca said: “The culture in Training Kings is very supportive, with everyone wanting their fellow members to succeed. We are committed to creating an environment, where people give and receive the support that will enable them to develop their businesses with good ethics.

“As the network grows, members are able to be connected to entrepreneurs and professionals nationally and obtain the right services, for example graphic designers and accountants.”

For further information and to register for upcoming events, log onto, telephone 0330 010 2247 or email [email protected]

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  • 15th October 2019 at 10:38 pm

    Just asking if i can join this group ,Iam a business owner who feels abit isolated simply because of my faith , i serve God as i run my business sometimes you are misunderstood and i just want people with the same mindset in business


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