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Thousands of chocolate eggs and other gifts will be given out over Easter as ShareTheMiracle enters its fifth year of sharing random acts of kindness in communities across the country.

Hundreds of volunteers will hand out Easter eggs, surprising complete strangers, homeless and elderly people, victims of human trafficking and children in hospital.

For 2017 there’s something new – supporters are encouraged to set up ShareTheMiracle ‘stations’ where people will be asked to donate a chocolate egg which can then be passed on to someone in their community.

Dan Usher founded ShareTheMiracle in 2013, when he decided to buy 100 chocolate eggs from a local supermarket and give them away to people in his community. He says the movement is going from strength to strength.

“Last year hundreds of volunteers reached out to thousands of people. We handed out thousands of gifts and Easter eggs here in the UK and even abroad – we visited the former ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais in France and in Romania toys were sent to children living in orphanages.”

“We believe people are #designedforkindness and if we are all just a little kinder to each other, it will transform our communities.”

Dan and the ShareTheMiracle team are now working with more Churches and Christian communities across the UK, and with businesses who have donated products, time and skills to help the movement grow.

What’s the aim of ShareTheMiracle

Quite simply, to show kindness and share and spread hope with neighbours, friends and local organisations.

How does ShareTheMiracle work?

People are invited to form local groups, and gather chocolate eggs either by buying them or through generous donations from local companies.  ShareTheMiracle works with generous retailers who donate eggs and gifts in communities across the country. Volunteers collect the chocolate eggs, and sometimes other small gifts, and hand them out to others in their community, groups and organisations. Groups expected to be involved this year include businesses, schools, churches, local councils, voluntary groups and teams of neighbours.

ShareTheMiracle provides Easter invitation cards to be handed out with the chocolate egg or gift. Neighbours may be invited to dinner, an elderly person might receive a personal invitation to a social club and parents can be invited to be part of a local parent and toddler group. Teenagers may receive an invitation to a local activity or mentoring group, and some of those handing out invitations with their gifts may choose to encourage people to attend a special community Family Fun Day or Easter services at their local church

Why ShareTheMiracle at Easter?

Dan Usher says “I believe Easter is a time of new life and hope. It’s the perfect time to break down some of the social barriers which keep us apart and start new friendships. The Easter egg is the symbol of new life so what better time of year to start to create the world we want to live in?”

ShareTheMiracle is scheduled to run from mid-March to the Easter weekend (dates 2017) but local groups can chose the best time to share their random acts of kindness with their communities.

If you want to get involved with ShareTheMiracle and access resources, including the Easter cards and ideas for setting up a ShareTheMiracle Station, go to www.ShareTheMiracle.org.

Volunteers are also invited to record their ShareTheMiracle moments and share them on social media on Twitter @ShareMiracleUK,  Facebook www.facebook.com/sharemiracleuk and Instagram using the 2017 theme #DesignedForKindness

Dan Usher

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