Black Beauty and Fashion Awards 

The Black Beauty and Fashion Award is created to encourage entrepreneurship in the development and promotion of black skin and hair grooming products and to give annual awards to the manufacturers of grooming products suitable for use by black and multi-racial men and women.

Conferred by fashion and health magazines, celebrity style gurus and even supermarkets, awards for cosmetic, skin and hair care products have been around for many years.  The overwhelming majority of the products spot-lit with adulation do not specifically cater to Black + Multiracial (BMR) client groups – a population rapidly growing in the United Kingdom.

We at The Black Beauty and Fashion Awards aim to help usher in the changes. We aim to give promotion and recognition, and to celebrate and encourage producers of high quality skin, hair care products and cosmetics that are suitable for use on BMR, community members both in Africa and the Diaspora.

We aim to move beauty forward; promoting equality and celebrating diverse beauty. The first of its kind established in the United Kingdom; we aim to give consumers of black beauty products a voice that can be heard clearly and to help carve a market space for the products. We aim to increase representation of Black people in mainstream beauty and hope to see Black Beauty and Fashion Award winning products in mainstream stores.

These activities will increase household incomes and relieve poverty in our target BMR groups.

What is it?
It is an industry award event, intended to also open up opportunities for BMR entrepreneurs into a market that is usually dominated by industry professionals and business owners from other ethnic backgrounds.

Personal care products enter various different Award categories. The winner of each category is determined by votes collected via an online poll on the BBFA website. A number of special awards will be granted by an expert panel of Judges. To vote follow the link:

Once the contenders have been selected they will be announced and voting will commence. Your votes mean everything to us, together we can become the change we wish to see!

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