Gen Z: Rethinking Culture

Youth for Christ would like to announce the release of a special report on Generation Z (Gen Z) which looks at youth culture. We have produced ‘Gen Z: Rethinking Culture’ in order to more effectively connect with today’s young people and share the good news of Jesus.

In the autumn of 2016 we were continuing to wrestle with the question ‘How do we take Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain?’ when we realised we needed to better understand today’s young people before we could assess whether our assumptions about their behaviours, values and beliefs were correct.

Therefore, we commissioned a blind survey of 1001 11-18 year olds across England, Scotland and Wales so that we could get as broad a picture as possible of youth culture in Britain. For this we sought answers to questions not just about religion and faith but also about what young people enjoyed doing and what they are being influenced by. We broke the questions down into 4 main sections; culture, influence, priorities and religion & faith.

Now that the research is complete, it has partly confirmed what we thought to be true but other aspects surprised us. YFC National Director, Neil O’Boyle says: “What is clear is that Gen Z needs Jesus. They may look at the world differently but still seek love, desire to be valued and ask the same universal questions of identity and purpose.”

We have tried our best to approach our findings alongside several other major pieces of research and are now seeking the views of those who engage with young people from a faith-based perspective. We would love to invite you to join us in rethinking culture as we look to find the ways to reach Gen Z with the gospel.

Tim Adams

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