Women and the Church: survey launched to capture barriers, hopes and everyday experiences

Women comprise 65% of the UK Church, but who are these women? What are their unique experiences? What are their hopes and fears, the barriers they come up against, and where are there causes for celebration where women and men are truly working in partnership for the sake of mission?


To mark its 10th anniversary year, the Sophia Network is hoping to find out some answers to these questions, to paint a picture of what it is like to be a woman in the Church in UK & Ireland.


The network – started in 2007 – exists to empower and equip women in leadership, and to champion the full equality of women and men in the Church.


Sophia is embarking on this ambitious project to scope out the landscape of female leadership and the unique experiences of women within the Church through launching a questionnaire, which opens on Tuesday, 16 May.


Vicky Thompson, chair of the Sophia Network, said: “Many assumptions are made about women’s experiences within and relationship to the Church. But we are not aware of research that tries to capture the range and breadth of women’s experiences – including the highs and the lows.


“We hope this piece of research will provide a useful tool to pave a way forward towards the full equality of men and women in the Church for the sake of the gospel. We are hoping the findings will also shape the future direction of Sophia.”


Sophia is a network for all Christian women who are in positions of leadership, who aspire to be leaders or who believe that women can be leaders.


Survey participants have the opportunity to win a £50 voucher for Amazon in a prize draw.


The survey, which can be taken here, is open to any woman in the UK or Ireland and is available until Tuesday 18 July.


Chine McDonald

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