“I am…” – Two of the most powerful words in the world

Located in Stratford, east London, the I Am School of Excellence is an extracurricular fortnightly Saturday school delivering Black History classes, African and Caribbean-inspired dance and food lessons, and African Caribbean culture and traditions. The school caters for all children aged between 7 and 12 years.

The CEO/Manager, Julia Kibela, founded the school because the unnecessary and negative learned beliefs regarding African and Caribbean culture and traditions were all too prevalent within the Black communities.

Julia became very aware, through hearing conversations and receiving complaints from fellow parents, that there was a distinct lack of seeing Black culture and traditions being taught in a more uplifting way.

Although many dedicated parents were providing this information to their children in the home, Julia felt that perhaps some working parents weren’t able to share this information as regularly or as systematically as they’d prefer, hence the reason why the I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ was born.The main objective of the school is to renew the mindset children have about themselves and their community. Are they dictated by the opinions others have of them? Have they recognised their innate power to be whatever they choose?

Julia has been running workshops since January 2017, and so far it has been a HUGE success. They have already reached full capacity, and the school waiting lists for forthcoming terms continue to grow.

One delighted parent said: “Thank you! My son thoroughly enjoyed his first session yesterday. He is feeling very empowered by the I AM statement, and was singing in the shower last night saying ‘I am amazing!’ He has also given me the recipe to make the patties. We will try and make them today. Thanks again!”

Due to the positive response from parents, Julia plans to continue the workshops fortnightly on Saturdays from 10am til 2pm, and hopes to expand on the curriculum the school offers.

For more information or to offer support to the I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, visit www.iamschoolofexcellence.com, or you can contact Julia Kibela at info@iamschoolofexcellence.com.

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