Interview with Minister Marion Hall

Marion Hall, formerly known by the stage name Lady Saw, is a Jamaican singer-songwriter whose career has spanned over two decades. Widely known as the Queen of Dancehall, she is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist.

In 2015, Minister Marion Hall announced to the world that she is leaving the dancehall scene, and turning to Christ. She talks to Keep The Faith magazine about what her life is like now since she made this transformation.

KTF: Tell us briefly: Who is Minister Marion Hall?

Minister Marion Hall (MMH): Marion Hall is a powerful woman of God. I am a new creation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am finally now a servant of Christ, ministering to others. I am not who I used to be. I am refreshed, empowered, and full of the Lord.

KTF: Tell us how your life has changed, since you came to Christ

MMH: My life has changed for the better: emotionally, physically and mentally. Words cannot describe how I feel; I truly know what love is. I am different; I smile a lot more. Even when I go through disappointments, I still smile. I have a peace that no man can give, and that is the power of Christ in me. I am still growing and striving – going on from the milk to the hard food – but God has taken me to a deeper level in Him. A lot of people ask me to pray for them, and God has been using me greatly in that area of prayer. No words can describe the transformation I have had; it is spiritual, not natural at all. I wish I had been told about Christ sooner by other Christians. I would have come (to Him) sooner.

KTF: Do you think fans are used to the transformation? How has the reaction been?

MMH: The fans are amazing. The response I have had from them has been wonderful. They tell me that I am more adorable now, and that they love me even more. When they see me, they sometimes forget to call me Marion Hall and call me Lady Saw instead, but I just smile and say I am Marion Hall. The reaction has been very good, really blessed.

KTF: This moves me on nicely to my next question: Do you ever get discouraged still being associated with your dancehall past and Lady Saw?

MMH: Not at all! When you’re going down your own route, and you’re not in Christ, you don’t know any better. But I want to forget about Lady Saw, and move onto Marion Hall, the person I truly am. I was never really that person, Lady Saw. I had to provide for my family, get them out of poverty, and that was the only way I knew how. Dancehall music is big in Jamaica, and when you make it, there is great financial security. Now I am happy to be part of God’s Kingdom and winning souls for Christ. I just want to now share Christ to the world, for them to try God, and experience the true happiness I have.

KTF: What projects are you working on now?

MMH: I am working on my new album, which I will call a masterpiece. The lyrics, the music are all inspired by God. My first album, ‘When God Speaks’, is doing so well, but this one is definitely Grammy material, I believe.

Other than that, I just wait and see what the Lord has planned next for me. But one thing is for sure, my life has changed for the better, and I just keep moving forward in Christ.

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