Celebrating a World in London: Embracing Diversity, Welcoming Peace

An extraordinary celebration of life, diversity, culture and music took place last night at the Notting Hill Tabernacle. Celebrate Life Events (CLE), which, for the past four years, has organised multicultural events with themes such as Peace, Love and Life, teamed up with DJ Ritu to host a celebration of London’s diverse artistic and cultural community.

Wendy Lewis Reif, artist, singer and documentary film maker gathers interview footage, creating a rich pool of personal tales, where hope and trust in the human spirit overcomes conflict and adversity. Helena Brown – team treasure – holds the groups purse strings and ensures a little goes a long way.

“It’s a celebration with a serious message” said CLE team member, Wallee McDonnell, today. “With the rise in hate crime in recent weeks, now is the time to recognise the value of peace and diversity. At its heart London is a vibrant and welcoming multi-cultural community. We want to celebrate that. This is a team effort, where artists co-create the events and I particularly want to thank our keynote speaker, Prem Rawat, for making the time to meet with us and address the audience. His inspiration has been core to making this happen.”

Each event contains a message of peace, togetherness and humanity. Roni Redmond, CLE team member hosted the ‘meet and greet’ discussion with Prem Rawat and participants from across the London community, including police representatives, former prison inmates, the Tutu Foundation UK, Church and refugee group members.

“Prem’s words are genuinely valued by our audience,” said Roni. “He’s an internationally acclaimed speaker and ambassador for peace as well as a photographer and musician himself. A regular visitor to London, most importantly Prem brings a global perspective to this London celebration of diversity and peace.”

The event’s title, ‘A World in London’ was inspired by DJ Ritu, event MC, who has introduced BBC listeners to a wealth of new talent over the years.

Patrice Shema, Chairman of the Rwandan Community Association in London, presented keynote speaker Prem Rawat with an “agaseke” or peace basket.

“The peace basket is a symbol of peace and prosperity every Rwandan home,” Patrice explained. “Made by the women, it represents unity within the home and within communities. At important ceremonies like today, the peace basket is given as a gift to ensure abundance.  It is normally filled with grains from the harvest to show the importance of hospitality and generosity between people and communities and how peace is the important step that can lead to prosperity for everyone.”

For future events follow CLE on www.celebrate-life.co.uk ; Twitter @CelebLM and Instagram celeblm.

Helen Caton

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