Update on IPCC investigation into alleged failures relating to Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been investigating whether there was a failure of top rank or very senior Metropolitan Police officers to provide full, frank and truthful information on the issue of corruption to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry in 1998. The investigation followed a public complaint to the MPS from Neville Lawrence OBE.

IPCC Deputy Chair Sarah Green, who has been overseeing the investigation said today:

“We have gathered and analysed thousands of pages of documentary evidence over the past two years including evidence not originally available to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry or the review conducted by Mark Ellison QC and published in March 2014. Three former Metropolitan Police officers have been interviewed and at this stage no investigative actions are outstanding.

“We have liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over that period and have been provided with ongoing advice. Following our most recent discussions with the CPS, I have decided the investigation cannot be concluded and a final report submitted until it is clear that a separate and ongoing IPCC managed investigation will not produce further evidence relevant to this investigation. That investigation is considering whether corruption played a part in the original investigation into Stephen Lawrence’s murder and the assault on Duwayne Brooks.

“All concerned parties have been informed of my decision.

“Whilst I appreciate this step is likely to be difficult and disappointing for all of those concerned, it’s vital that we continue to unravel events from many years ago so that we can finally bring these matters to conclusion.”

Annabelle McMillan


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