Christian Aid calls on Government not to let Brexit distract from commitment to Paris agreement

Christian Aid has welcomed the Government’s recommitment to the Paris climate accord in today’s Queen’s Speech.

Tom Viita, Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy, said: “The Queen’s Speech has set the agenda for this Parliament to make big strides forward on climate change; all parties must now work together to turn the Paris Agreement into reality.  In a hung Parliament, it’s important that the Government takes advantage of areas that have robust cross-party support.

“The Paris Agreement provides a ready-made template for international cooperation outside the EU, and is a vital plank of the UK’s place in the wider world. With all the turmoil of Brexit negotiations, the Government must not be distracted from this vital area of global cooperation with far reaching consequences to people around the world.

“To retain our credibility on the global stage we cannot fudge our stance on climate change: we are either on the side of Donald Trump or the rest of the world, which has scorned the Trump Administration’s reckless decision to walk away from its international commitments.

“The Queen’s Speech indicates this Government means business. In a few days’ time the Prime Minister needs to prove to the G20 leaders that she wants the UK to sit at the top table of climate leaders. Other heads of state – including those in the Commonwealth – will be watching closely for signs that the UK is serious about its ambitions on climate.

“The Government needs to get back on track with its carbon reduction plans after too many delays. The UK cannot hope to be a champion for international climate action unless it is delivering on its plans at home. An ambitious Clean Growth Plan to transform the economy must be a top priority for the new Government.”

Joe Ware


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