Christians speak up to make climate change top of the agenda with their MPs

  • Christians will meet their MPs as part of a ‘Speak Up’ week of action
  • They’ll ask MPs to press the UK to continue as a global climate leader, shift to renewable energy and produce an ambitious UK Clean Growth plan

Christians across the UK are being encouraged by Tearfund and the Climate Coalition to speak to their newly elected MPs about climate change, which is threatening the lives of people around the world.

The ‘Speak Up’ week of action comes three weeks after the election and will mean one of the first things politicians will talk to their constituents about is climate change and the desire for cleaner, healthier lives in the UK and overseas.

“Millions of people and children don’t have enough to eat as a result of extreme and unpredictable droughts and floods that wipe out people’s harvests and livelihoods,” said Tearfund’s Head of Advocacy Paul Cook.

“That’s why it is so important that Christians are part of a movement calling for action to safeguard people affected by unstable seasons and restore the natural balance in the world. Politicians are more likely to take action when they realise how much their constituents care,” he added.

Lynn Wakefield, from Tiverton in Devon, is taking part in Speak Up events in her local community, including a cafe that uses surplus food. She explained why she wanted to get involved: “I care about how we treat the earth, and want to do as much as I can to make a difference and support our politicians in taking action.

“We have to take care of God’s world in the best way we can and an event like this means joining with others to show we care.”

Christians will take part in events like nature walks and church tea parties across the country, to engage the community with its elected representatives. Others will visit their MPs’ weekly planned surgery.

They will all ask their MPs to press the UK Government to continue as a global climate leader, to shift to 100% renewable energy within a generation and to step up with an ambitious UK Clean Growth plan to reduce emissions.

Geoff and Sandie Stratford from Lincoln said: “We are excited about the week of action, and hope our MP will be supporting clean energy.

“We are building an eco-house, making it as environmentally sustainable as possible, so are trying to do our bit.”

Paul Cook added: “It’s also key for the UK to invest in local renewable energy solutions, like solar for rural communities overseas, which provides power, creates jobs, enables medicine to be refrigerated and women to walk safely at night.”

All of the planned events are listed online at

Anthony Bushfield

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