After Grenfell, Brexit and the Manchester and London terror attacks, Christians meet to discuss the future of our cities.

Movement Day UK is a two-day event in central London October 6th and 7th 2017 at Westminster Central Hall that will focus on the future of towns and cities.

At the heart of discussions and debate will be the role the whole church can play in their spiritual, cultural and social transformation.

‘We are facing some significant challenges as a nation over the next few years,’ says Rev Roger Sutton, former church leader and co-chair of the Trafford borough strategic partnership in Manchester and organiser of Movement Day UK. ‘What future do we want for our children and the places we live in? How can we heal the divisions? How can we support the most vulnerable and reach our potential as a nation?’

Movement Day UK is not so much a ‘big tent’ as a ‘large lounge’ where Christians from churches and those working in business, arts, health, politics, local government, media, education and more from across cities and towns can engage in new conversations as they imagine a better future for our towns and cities.

Speakers such as Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, the police lead on children and young people, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London and Marvin Rees Mayor of Bristol have been invited alongside Chief Superintendent David Smart, head of Prevent, to help lead the conversation. Speakers include Church leaders such Cardinal Vincent Nichols, leader of the Catholic Church of England and Wales, Pastor Agu Irukwu of the fast-growing Redeemed Church of God, Debra Green of ROC a major charity linking police to the third sector, Fran Beckett former CEO Shaftesbury Society, Bishop Angaelos, head of the UK Coptic Church who has been a leading spokesman on the plight of Christians in the Middle East, the theologian Elaine Storkey, Rob Parsons of Care for the Family and business leaders Ram Gidomool former CEO of Inlaks group and Andy Street founding director of SLR one of the fastest growing global environmental consulting firms.

The event also features Gavin Calver of the Evangelical Alliance, Celia Apeagyei-Collins. who is recognised as in the top 10 of influential black leaders, Bishop Pete Broadbent, Acting Bishop of London, Steve Clifford of the Evangelical Alliance, Billy Kennedy of the Pioneer Network and other leaders in business, fashion, arts, church, media, education and politics.

Michael Binyon, the prominent Times feature and leader writer, will also be addressing the conference in a question-and-answer with Ruth Gledhill, editor of Christian Today, in our media track.

Movement Day UK will be covering a variety of subjects such as:

  • Nurturing safer places.
  • Women in the City
  • Social Transformation.
  • Working more effectively with local government and politics.
  • Black and white relationships
  • Serving the most vulnerable in society
  • Social Justice
  • Growing a city transforming church.
  • Praying for the city.
  • Flourishing in the Arts and Media
  • Making Jesus Known.
  • Developing an inclusive kingdom Business

Sutton said: ‘We won’t have complete clarity on all the complex issues facing our cities over the next 15 years, but we hope to underline some key Christian values that we need to build on such as unity, forgiveness, justice, freedom service and love. Its time to imagine and work towards a better future for our children and a kinder way of living together.’

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