What You See Is What You Get! Breaking free from the limitations of your mind by Gladys Grace Famoriyo

If you find you are not experiencing the abundant life, in all areas of your life, you may want to take an inward look at yourself before casting aspersions on the devil.

We are so quick to blame everyone and everything for our predicaments, but I believe the cause may be closer to home than we’d like to admit. We somehow leave ourselves out of the equation when, actually, we could be the very reason we are not flourishing. Consider this: are we the product of our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of our yesterdays and yesteryears – good, bad or ugly?

You are what you believe

I am a firm believer of the saying that you are what you believe! What you ‘see’ in your mind is most definitely what you will experience in your world; the two go hand in hand. If your thought processes are warped by ‘small thinking’, negative mindsets, negative self-talk, etc, these will transpire in your behaviours; influence your decisions/choices, and hold you back.

This is not a negative declaration but a statement of fact. I know someone reading this article will either be binding and loosing, or saying something along the lines of, “I reject that in Jesus’ Name!” Reject all you want, but if your thought life is misaligned or incongruent with the Word of God you claim to hold fast to, it won’t work for you!

Professing but not believing

This, dear reader, is the predicament many of us Christians find ourselves in: what we profess does not connect with what we believe in our hearts, and it just becomes a religious practice, no different to repetitious ‘babbling’. There needs to be a connection between our heads and hearts. Until that happens, nothing major really happens unless Father steps in and shows us grace.

Perhaps now is the time to consider what emotional clutter (negative thinking, incorrect mindsets, unhealthy beliefs – to mention a few) may be negatively influencing your propensity to maximise your potential and fully experience God’s Word becoming a reality in your life.

Retracing our steps

“People are disturbed not by things but by their view of things” Epictetus (Stoic Philosopher)

I believe that our feelings and reactions to certain life situations and events – past, present, future, real or imagined – have influenced our attitudes and beliefs and, in the case of negative situations, have affected our ability to see clearly.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that YOU are responsible for how you feel and act! You can choose whether to see a situation as positive and healthy, or you can allow your unhealthy thoughts and emotional baggage (fears, guilt, anxiety, etc.) to come into play. Your feelings and reactions are greatly influenced by your attitudes and beliefs. After a while, you no longer question these, and your responses/behaviours become almost automatic. So, whilst you might think the Holy Spirit is running the show, think again!

What God has to say on the matter

It is interesting that Bible references, such as Romans 12:1-2, encourage us to ‘renew our minds’. Hebrews 12:1-2 suggests we to strip away any weight that has the propensity to trip us up or entangle us. Hosea 4:6 says we shortchange ourselves because we don’t know ‘what is right or true’ (MSG).

Yet other Scriptures remind us who we were created to be. 1 Corinthians 2:16 tells us we have the mind of Christ. 1 John 4:17 assures us that as Christ was, so are we in this world.

So the Bible is clear on how our minds ought to function. Therefore, it is down to us to realign ourselves, as His Word does not change.

Correcting your vision

The solution is to reframe your mind to get rid of faulty thinking and beliefs. This requires making a conscious effort not to let your past experiences cloud your judgment or ability to see clearly. The fact is, life happens! Whilst we can’t erase them, we can manage our behaviours and responses, using God’s Word as a yardstick. Anything that does not line up with it really needs to be tossed out. His Word can help us reframe and reprogramme our minds, in order to change our worldview. To experience this, we need to delve into His Word regularly.

Becoming more aware of what is going on in our mind, heart and emotions is also helpful – especially paying particular attention to the different emotions we attach to our experiences, such as sadness, anxiety, bitterness, anger, guilt, shame, disappointment, regret and the like. I suggest taking a step further, by prayerfully changing them in a constructive manner, and so avoid being trapped in a repetitive cycle – this is where some of us find ourselves today.

In closing

I believe all things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23). But you have got to believe and hold on to God’s truth, not yours. Why not invite Him today to declutter your mind from negativity and renew it with His Word?

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Written by Grace Gladys Famoriyo, author of, Quit Hiding, Start Living!; Overcoming Emotional Baggage; Healing A Discouraged Heart; and Bounce Back! For more info, visit www.gladysf.com

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