Operation restoration

Jamaican school principal, Robert Dixon, was in the UK recently to raise awareness and much needed funds for Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS), based in the heart of Trench Town, Kingston, one of the poorest and most crime-ridden areas in Jamaica’s capital.

The school provides education for children who fall out of regular education. Its work includes running a day school for 100+ pupils aged 12-17, an after-school club, a feeding programme, a summer school and an education programme.

School activities are led by staff and volunteers. ORCS also extends an open arm to visits and support from overseas organisations, such as the Ascension Trust, led by Rev Les Isaac OBE and urban youth charity, XLP.

Dixon, a married father of one and former banker, took over running the school from its founder, Lorna Stanley, in 2014.

An experienced community worker, Dixon finds the work at the school challenging but fulfilling.

“Every day is a challenge, but every day is a blessing,” he explained. “Working in an under-resourced community, in an area that suffers with violence, can be trying. There are many challenges dealing with the children and with the community, but the success stories are worth it.”

Keen for ORCS to continue impacting lives, Robert is inviting people to support the school and its work, whether with money, goods in kind, and through volunteering.

ORCS is open to receive support, so if you feel you can help, please do. For more information, visit www.operation-restoration.org/.


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