And There Was War by Daniel Wong

Why do bad things happen to good people?
If God is all about love, why is there so much evil in the world?

The reality of a loving God and the existence of evil is a theme that few would seek to address. However, in And There Was War, Jermaine Wong – writer and director, as well as spoken word artist – presents a dynamic response to this age-old dilemma, and leaves audiences with a deep and emotional connection with some of the Bible’s most pivotal characters.

The last performance of And There Was War took place earlier this year in February at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, and sold out days before the event. Such was the positive response on the night with a swelling demand for further performances, that Final Call Productions – a Christian theatre company that seeks to inspire, engage, encourage and inform its audiences through theatre, film and poetry – have decided to put on another performance on 9th December 2017 at The Dominion Centre, Wood Green, London.

Depicting the mystery of iniquity that took place in Heaven, the play sought to bring the viewer behind the scenes of this great controversy. With maximum audience capacity, the atmosphere was alive with awe and suspense, as the characters portrayed with intense emotion a story so familiar with most Christians, yet presented in such a way that held the audience spellbound from beginning to end.

With the fall of Lucifer, the play went through relevant scenes described in Scripture that highlighted the consequences of man’s fall and of sin. Though these scenes were based on familiar scriptural events, the acting and storyline created a much deeper insight, taking their viewers ‘behind the scenes’ to experience the dynamics between good and evil.

Stunning performances were given by Lloyd Reid (vocalist from gospel group, Brooks and The Company) playing Lucifer and Thomas Ababio (acting student, Identity School of Acting) playing Immanuel, that through their onstage performances they created an interplay of tension and intrigue.

Pam Lister, Chapel recording artist and gospel singer from Canada, who saw the play last year, said: “I was overwhelmed with the powerful reaction emotionally that I experienced. As each scene unfolded, the characters sprang from Scripture, and came to life in front of me.”

“Literally blown away.” Natasha Ferguson (2BReal Magazine)

“There isn’t much in the way of wholesome inspiration for young people in this day and age. Jermaine has managed to portray the controversy between good and evil to today’s generation in a real and potentially life-changing way. One of the best productions to come out of the UK.” Chris Brooks (Brooks and The Company)

“I’m actually sitting in the studio, bouncing off the walls as I buzz in Yinka’s ear about the play, about you all, about the creativity, about the mind of someone who writes such a play, about the love of Emmanuel, about the ways of the adversary, about the SERAPHIM!! I can’t WAIT to see this play again!” Selene Jordan (Premier Gospel Radio)

Writer-director Jermaine Wong says: “We are passionate about theatre; we use storytelling to reflect and highlight issues that affect our society today, and raise awareness of the importance of personally knowing God and standing for Jesus.”

And There Was War not only presents a compelling rationale for the presence of evil, but highlights the comfort of a constant source of help in Jesus and an eternal hope in a God of love. It leaves listeners with the most important question to consider: “Whose side will you choose?”

This is a great production for family and friends that will generate reflection long after the cast have taken their bows.

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(Pictures taken by Ashley Bloom)

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