70 years of children’s futures

Leading children’s charity and adoption agency Adoption Matters are celebrating their 70th anniversary and launching a recruitment drive for more adopters across the BME community.

The agency was formerly known as Blackburn Diocese Adoption Agency and Chester Diocesan Adoption Services.  The 2 agencies merged in 2007 forming Adoption Matters. They have placed over 4,000 children with their forever families in their 70 year history.

Whilst originating from a Church of England background, the agency now operate independently of the church; however, it’s ethos and value base continues to inspire their work and they retain strong links with Chester & Blackburn Dioceses as well as a partnership with Christian charity Home for Good.

Adoption Matters Chief Executive Norman Goodwin CBE commented: “Commemorating our 70th anniversary is important to our charity in remembering our past, celebrating our achievements and looking forward to our future.  Our aim has remained consistent throughout our history which is:

That children’s welfare and needs are paramount and we aim for them to grow up in a secure and loving family who will best meet their long-term needs and who can help them to reach their full potential.

We are launching a recruitment drive for more adopters and would urge people from the BME community to get in touch to find out more about adoption and our agency.  There are currently over 2000 children waiting for adoption in England & Wales and many of them are from a BME background who often wait longer, and we want to help change that.

Visit: www.adoptionmatters.org or contact us free on Tel: 0300 123 1066 for more information.


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