The Lammy Review: less than half of the picture?

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The remit of the Lammy Review was limited to criminal justice processes from the point of arrest. Many commentators argue that to get a comprehensive understanding of the disproportionality faced by BAME communities in criminal justice, it is necessary to investigate the processes at play much further upstream.  This roundtable will focus on what happens prior to arrest.

These questions and others will be discussed at this event:

  • What processes and pathways prior to criminal justice involvement pre-figure the likelihood of arrest?
  • What roles do health, local government and employment and other government agencies and services play?
  • Is there a school-to-prison pipeline in Britain?

We particularly welcome contributions from those from the BAME communities impacted by the disproportionality experienced and also those working in services and organisations that are not criminal justice focused but who see clients coming into contact with criminal justice.

Who might this event be of interest to?

All those who provide non-criminal justice services and regularly experience the individuals they are delivering services to being drawn into the criminal justice system, including, but not limited to: health, mental health, education, social services, employment, local government, and youth services. The aim is for this discussion to be led by those not employed in or by the criminal justice system.


We are asking for a minimum £2.50 contribution for registration. But all are welcome to attend, regardless of income. If you would like to attend but do not feel able to offer a donation, please email us at We will do our best to accommodate you.

You can register here.

Date and venue:  29 November, 2017 12:30 PM   to   4:00 PM at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, 2 Langley Lane, London, SW8 1GB, United Kingdom.


Will McMahon



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