I’ve Got The Power

Did you know that God has given us power, power over our circumstances, the power  to change things, change the atmosphere achieve things beyond our dreams  or wildest imagination. Do you know that our  greatest weapon for change is prayer. There’s victory through prayer. Here’s my story.

Two years ago I was facing some tough challenges mostly related to my business. I had decisions to make and was uncertain about the direction to go in. I was calling out to God for answers. I didn’t always get the answer I was hoping for. Here’s my story, my testimony.

One Saturday laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself I began to pray for clarity, clarity around a number is issues before me. In particular guidance in regards to my business.  My pray takes the form of determining what I want the week to bring forth. That day I was commanding the Week to bring me clarity, a prayer I often prayed.  As I began to pray, I heard the spirit say “write that pray down and then write 51 more”. My first thought was “I not getting up to find pen and paper”, I was fed up and couldn’t be bothered. The Sprit kept prompting me so eventually I took my mobile phone and together with the Holy Spirit, developed over sixty prayer  titles.

I forward the titles to my email that afternoon and decided I would continue to lay on the couch. I would deal with  the titles on Monday. By the end of that coming week, I’d trimmed the titles down to 48, I decided to leave space  for new titles that were bound to arise going forward. I started to write the prayers that week,

I gave myself 90 days to complete them all. In writing them I chose not to read any thing research anything, copy anything. I wanted the prayers to be 100% authentic.  Some days I wrote 10, some days 2 some days none. I wrote as the Holy Spirit  led me.

Often when I finished writing and read the prayers back I cried, I cried because  I knew that I was simply the vessel God used to birth these prayers. I simply held the pen, the Holy Spirit did the rest.  It was a humbling experience. I could have decided that day not to write anything, I was fed up.

Often time when we’re going through the storm, the challenges, God is preparing something great ahead of us…

Birthed out of  my belly, my inner man, Is Command The Week Prayers, 52 Spirit inspired prayers  for living victorious.

The pray cards are presented in a beautiful box set of 52, for an introductory price of £20.

They can be obtained online through essenceofilia.com, Waterstones and Amazon


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