Girls’ choir thrills Dana

One-time Eurovision winner, Dana, watched in awe as the 55 members of a girls’ choir from Cobham sang a fun-version of her award-winning song.

The song performed just before Dana opened the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park, Surrey, had been reworded to cover the many facets of the exhibition the verses ended with the line, “All kinds of everything for your church and you.”

“It was very emotional and very joyful,” said Dana. “The girls were delightful and must have put in a lot of work – they were very professional.”

The choir was from the Notre Dame School with many parents and friends watching the opening ceremony. Music teacher, Julie Shaw, admitted that it was a tight schedule to write a fresh arrangement leaving just over two weeks to rehearse.

The school’s head, Merinda D’Apramo, who played the bodhran drum as part of the accompaniment for the choir said: “It was a great experience for the girls who have thoroughly enjoyed being involved.”

“I was very nervous but it was very exciting,” said one choir member, ten-year-old Alice. Aoife, aged 11, said: “Some of the words were hard to learn but I love singing and enjoy being a member of the choir.”

In 1970 Dana was the first Irish entry to win Eurovision, singing last in Amsterdam, and pushing the UK entry sung by Mary Hopkin to second place.

The exhibition – often called ‘the ideal church show’ – is welcoming thousands of visitors to examine all aspects of church life from pulpits to puppets, computers to clergy clothing, building and insurance.

Steve Goddard, who took over the ownership of CRE recently, commented: “This is a great start and I hope the thousands of visitors will gain fresh inspiration for their work in their communities.”

Dave Hall

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