C’est Moi film to screen in Birmingham at The Black International Film Festival

The Black International Film Festival will hold the UK premiere of the C’est Moi (directed by emerging filmmaker born in Bath, Somerset currently

based in Toronto Canada Howard J. Davis and starring Jenny Brizard Montreal native as Marie-Josèphe Angélique).

C’est Moi explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a figure of Black Canadian

History and her efforts to fight against slavery in 18th Century New France. On Friday, June 21, 1734 Marie-Josèphe Angélique was tried, tortured and

sentenced to death for burning down the city. Her story has been forgotten in history. Did she set the fire? Or was she the scapegoat for blame? A Joan

of Arc in her own right Marie-Joseph Angélique was an emblem of resilience against slavery in Canada and her story has exposed the underbelly of

Canada’s dark secrets.


Director Howard J. Davis says”C’est Moi is about the unearthing of a dark past and the death and demolition of our modern cultural identity through

the voice of one significant figure in Black Canadian history. as a mixed race man I am the “lovechild” of a large history of injustice, intolerance and of

racial discrimination.” his hope is that the film can shed light on all of our marginalized histories in order that we may venture forward to being more

tolerant and accepting of one another.


What are people saying?

If you know the bigger story, the short film not only works better, but provides a beautiful visual blend of past and present…The short is strong

enough to actually get viewers to seek more information, leading to a bigger story that couldn’t possibly be contained within the short…C’est Moi


Toronto Film Scene

‘If all Davis accomplishes is to get an audience to wonder about the links between the past and the present, and how history is written and unwritten by

those in power, and how a miscarriage of justice based on race can haunt for centuries, C’est Moi is an accomplishment. If it opensa dialogue of

outrage, it is a triumph’.  Drew Rowsome


Howard J. Davis uses his film C’est Moi as an ethereal glimpse of a person swallowed by history’s tendency to whitewash and provide attention only

for those it deems worthy…The majority of the film is dedicated to watching her, played by actor Jenny Brizard, glide through Montreal. The film then

incorporates a text-based description of her story, where the key points are highlighted by evocative imagery and music…C’est Moi attempts to take an

objective look at a snapshot in history, presenting the discovered facts and leaving interpretation up to the audience…As Canadians, we need to forgo

the tendency not to confront the conflict that has happened in our midst because it makes us uncomfortable, and instead face it”   This Magazine


For more information visit www.cestmoifilm.com

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