Making Sense of Mercy, Justice, Forgiveness and Revenge.

Finding excellent, relevant, fun Christian fiction for older children and teens isn’t easy, but Dernier Publishing is trying to fill in the gap. Their latest novel, Revenge of the Flying Carpet, is a book for 10-14s, which addresses issues of revenge, justice and forgiveness from a Christian perspective.

Paul’s twin sister, Trinity, is mean to him on a massive scale. When he finds a magic carpet he seeks revenge... but gets a lot more than he bargained for as the two of them travel through time and space.

This insightful novel is for any young person who has suffered at the hands of someone else, who baulks at the injustice in the world – or simply enjoys a fun, inspiring read.

To help youngsters who find reading challenging, this book is dyslexia friendly. Revenge of the Flying Carpet is also available in Braille and large print versions for readers with sight loss.

Reviews so far have been encouraging. One reader (a teacher and a mum) said, “Revenge of the Flying Carpet is an action-packed time travel adventure that maintains an element of intrigue and mystery right to the last page. An original and challenging read. 10-14s will love it. So did I!” But what about the target readers? Naomi (13) said, “A brilliant, captivating story. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter!” Boys don’t read, though, do they? Reuben (12) said, “I enjoyed the book and found it very engaging. I understood from it the importance of forgiveness. Trinity was very self-centred, proud and an annoying girl, I’m glad she’s not my sister!

This is a book which has the potential to sow good seed in the lives of young people. Why not buy one, read it, and pass it on?

Release date: 1st November 2017. ISBN: 978-1-912457-00-7

Please find the book on the Dernier Publishing website (scroll down to read Chapter One):

Janet Wilson


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