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Since its inception in 1992, Ascension Trust has been at the forefront of attempts to tackle guns, gangs and serious violence. This began with the highly successful ‘guns off our streets’ national campaign in 1993. Over the past few years, Ascension Trust has been putting together teams, studies and events such as ‘Gangs summit 2014,’ ‘Bringing Hope 2016,’ ‘Report on Gang Violence by Selina Stone’ and HOPE2017 that look at how to effectively tackle the rising phenomenon of serious youth violence, gangs and crime in our society.

Synergy Network

This journey has resulted in the formation of the Synergy Partnership – a collaboration of four different organizations who have joined forces to share their resources, experience and expertise in tackling different aspects of serious youth violence.

We are taking things even further and establishing the Synergy network comprising leading professionals, practitioners and policy-shapers from various organizations who will be able to interact with one another; receive information about important developments in youth violence; have their organizations listed in an extensive online directory with over 30,000 subscribers (sponsored by ‘Keep the Faith’ magazine) and gain access to special events. Your events can also be publicized with our specialist public relations partner, MDPR (Marcia Dixon Promotions). Training on governance and linking with other charities will be provided.

A Historic Gathering at Southwark Cathedral

Since our first initiatives on gangs, doors have opened to Ascension Trust at Southwark Cathedral – especially in light of Reverend Les Isaac’s recent appointment as an ecumenical Canon of the cathedral. Invitations to the network will therefore be limited to those who have credible organizations with a good record of dealing with issues of serious violence and individuals who are making an impact in tackling these issues. As someone who has engaged effectively with the issues, we would like to invite you to take the opportunity to be part of this growing network by come along to a special gathering at Southwark Cathedral on 23rd November at 7.00pm. At this historic event, further information about the Synergy network will be shared and the opportunity to become further engaged with the network will be given to attendees. We will  have influential speakers who will, among other issues, be looking at some of the historical legacies of trauma, particularly in the black community, that continue to have effects today and solutions to the problem of rising levels of violence in society.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by registering using the following link: and so continue the journey towards even greater success, influence and collaboration for your organization. I hope that you will be able to come along and be part of this ground-breaking and historic initiative.

Please see highlights of the HOPE2017 event on :

Reverend Ricardo Christopher

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