Inspiration, transformation and growth on menu at breakfast event for women

In an effort to empower and inspire Christian women, Keep The Faith magazine and MD Public Relations are getting ready to host the fifth Destined to Soar (DTS)Women’s Ministry Breakfast on December 2 at Holiday Inn – Whitechapel, east London.

DTS breakfasts events bring together women who run ministries or charities, and those thinking of starting one, for a time of learning, friendship building and networking. Jeanette Young, a Fashion Designer, Stylist and Lay preacher is the guest speaker.

Jeanette, a graduate of the London College of Fashion has a rising profile within the church and wider community.  For the past 15 years she’s had a successful career as a  Garment Technologist working for leading fashion brands such as Karen Millen, Topshop, and most recently, ASOS.  She.recently launched her own fashion label and has styled a number of Britain’s leading gospel artists including Muyiwa, choir director Karen Gibson and female MC Tneek

She believes it’s important for people to develop their own personal style.  She commented, “The way we portray ourselves is very important and speaks volumes. We speak in many ways, the top two being through style and image and body language.

“We live in a society where perception is everything and 100 per cent of the time a person is perceived by how they look, everything else is secondary.”

During her talk at the DTS breakfast she’ll talk about the importance of image, give insight on the message people can convey through colour.  She’ll also give insights on how an individual should dress for their body shape and how to project an image of success.

Keep The Faith columnist, and PR specialist Marcia Dixon will provide insights on devising campaigns to promote ministry initiatives and planning projects and events for 2018.

Shirley McGreal, Publisher of Keep The Faith stated, “Britain’s churches are filled with women desirous to make a positive impact within their congregations and wider community via ministries and voluntary organisations.  The DTS Breakfast is designed to empower women to build successful ministries and organise successful initiatives.  The feedback received since starting themhighlights that this type of event is much needed.”

Marcia Dixon, the brainchild behind the event commented, “It’s been a delight to see how women have applied some of the insights shared to their own ministry and seen them grow after attending a DTS breakfast.  One attendee learnt about utilising the FB  live feature, and now uses it regularly and gets views of 1000+.  This is what the breakfast is about, providing practical insights which women can apply to help grow and develop their ministries.”

Exciting plans are in motion for the DTS brand in 2018 including a Destined to Soar Women’s conference as well as other personal development events designed to help women be their best selves and equip them fully to carry out God’s work. Attending the breakfast will help women to do that.

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