An Advent Challenge from Bible Society

At Bible Society we are asking thousands of people to spread some Christmas cheer over the next few weeks with our #AdventChallenge.

From donating to your local foodbank, leaving a Christmas card out for the refuse collector, or just giving someone a smile; the challenge is to lift spirits throughout Advent with daily acts of kindness.

Those who sign up at will be sent three challenges each day and asked to pick one. They are all simple, practical and Bible-based.

It’s the fourth time we’ve held Advent Challenge and it’s growing in popularity. Last year more than 100,000 challenges were accepted online.

We ask people to share what they do at #AdventChallenge. This is what some told us last year:

‘I hand delivered a Christmas card to a neighbour two -doors down. I have lived in my house for 15 years and have barely spoken to them. I had a card straight back. We now talk.’

 ‘I loved it! Being able to think about how you can do things for others so it became a ‘habit’
Some of the passages were also very challenging personally and one of them along with the challenge helped me be free from some feelings that I had been harbouring and it felt SO GOOD!’

 ‘The best challenges were the ones where my children could become involved. They enjoy the challenges and they are an excellent way of focusing on the important things at Christmas and steering away from the commercialism that surrounds the season.’

Richard Franklin, from Bible Society, says: ‘We hope that as many people as possible will sign up to #Advent Challenge and do some really simple and practical things to spread some love, peace and joy this Christmas.’

The daily Bible verses sent with the challenges follow the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

And each day there is also a craft activity, for families and children, building a nativity scene.

Rachel Rounds

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