Church Leader Bryon Jones explains inspiration behind his album ‘Forever’

My first foray down the musical pathway was in University; I joined a jazz funk group called Street Life Fantasy, it was fun but short lived and I went on to be a part of the ‘The Pilgrim Brothers’, a local upcoming gospel group from Wolverhampton where I lived. It was here that we crafted writing original songs and experimented with the sounds of the era, soul and funk.

Coming from a family of musicians, it wasn’t long before Jones & Co’ i.e. my sisters and me, was formed. We met regularly around our broken, out of tune piano to create a unique sound, often times annoying my parents in the perfecting of our craft. I wrote many of our songs and we performed around the country and the world.

In 1980 with a new sound, we recorded our first album at ‘Chapel Lane’ entitled ‘Regenerated’, we won a number of awards and were seen as trailblazers within the Gospel music community.

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Years later, I became a worship leader and was eventually called by God to become the Pastor of Eden Christian Centre, The Apostolic Church; a dynamic fellowship in East London. Here, I am able to combine my love for worship with preaching and pastoring.

‘God inhabits the praises of His people’ and I have witnessed His presence and His power in miraculous ways through worship. Worship is important to God. Worship is who I am and worship to Christ is what we should all be. This led me to write a number of praise songs that are Christ centred. The songs are written to aid the Church in worship but creative enough to capture an audience outside the church.

This is my story and these are my songs ‘Forever’

‘Forever’ Album, digital downloads are available on Itunes.

You and also listen on Spotify and you can purchase a physical copy from

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