Lichfield Cathedral celebrates praise from Minister for Faith, Lord Bourne

Towards the end of 2017, the government released a report documenting, and notably commending, forty-two Anglican cathedrals across England. This was following the Minister for Faith, Lord Bourne’s tour around the country, whereby he looked into the cathedrals’ community involvement, commitments to promoting local economic growth and their place as continued sites of worship. Lichfield Cathedral is proud to have received several mentions throughout the report, being praised in technological advancement, architectural improvements and artistic events.

The report highlights how cathedrals are the heart of many communities, providing pastoral care and religious guidance to a range of visitors from young people to those suffering from HIV. Lord Bourne used Lichfield Cathedral as one of several examples when disclosing that the links between faith leaders across cathedrals are evidently strong. Lichfield were also credited for the continued efforts towards the Lichfield Festival, which was founded in 1981, by John Lang, a previous Dean of Lichfield. As well as this, the report mentioned how Lichfield Cathedral was successful in being awarded £1.49 million of funding towards stonework repairs and electrical modernisation through the First World War Centenary War Fund. The work was praised for reducing the cathedral’s energy consumption, enhancing architectural features and ensuring the Cathedral remains watertight.

Adrian Dorber, Dean of Lichfield Cathedral, said: “The report is a great reflection of all the hard work put in by the cathedrals. We’ve put huge amounts of effort into cultivating continual involvement from the community and I’m particularly proud of our app which the report touches on. It gives more people access to the St Chad Gospels, and ultimately that’s what we want to do, increase the accessibility of our work.”

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