New Christianity Explored Translation Heralds Major Evangelistic Push Into Albania

A new translation of Christianity Explored (CE) in the Albanian language will underpin a major new evangelistic push into that country. Unveiled at CE’s annual Supporters Evening in February 2018, the translation was made possible through a partnership between child sponsorship ministry Adopt-A-Child UK (AaC); Christianity Explored Ministries and Pastor Erion Cuni in Albania. AaC UK spearheaded the fundraising efforts, with £23,000 raised in just four months to achieve the goal. This sum will fund three to four years’ worth of CE material, including 10,000 Course Booklets, 2,000 Leaders Guides and 1,000 DVDs.

Adopt-A-Child is partnering CE in Albania, where it has operated since 1995; it also works in Guatemala. AaC seeks to change the world ‘one child at a time’ by giving them regular nourishing meals and proper medical and dental care – whilst presenting Jesus in Bible classes attached to their feeding centres. The help they give is sorely needed in one of the poorest countries in Europe, where the economy has all but collapsed, post-Communism, jobs are very scarce and many people wish to emigrate.

CE and AaC believe that a significant window for evangelism has opened in Albania, The country is 60-70% Islamic, but most Muslims are nominal believers and there is much local interest in Christianity. In the area of Mokra, near Pogradec in southern Albania, there are  47 mostly Moslem villages where in just the last year AaC has started four Gospel meetings where an average of 30-40 people meet weekly to learn from God’s Word.

150 church pastors and leaders have already signed up for the launch of CE in Albania, which will take place in Tirana on 16-17 May 2018.

Craig Dyer, Training Director of Christianity Explored Ministries, commented “We are so grateful for our partnership with AAC UK, and for how they pulled out all the stops to raise the necessary funding so quickly. We hope and pray for a great harvest of Albanian people turning to Christ and we thank God, too, for how AAC has already blessed so many children in that country”.

Scott Ballantine, AaC Coordinator for Ireland and a Director of AaC Albania, “We have an amazing window of opportunity for preaching the Gospel, both in Albania and in the Albanian-speaking areas in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, northern Greece and southern Italy. That window of opportunity may not always be open as militant Islam tries to increase its influence in the country, but for now the biggest challenge is introducing the appropriate resources so we can use the window of opportunity that now exists. Christianity Explored will help immensely.”

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