Spring clean your body – not just your house! by Joy Roxborough

Top 10 Tips

Thinking of spring cleaning this year? Your bricks and mortar house isn’t the only thing that could benefit. Your body, which the Bible describes as your earthly temple, could benefit also. Here are some tips you may want to keep handy during 2018.

1: Flushing with fresh air: First thing in the morning, open all the windows in your home to allow fresh air to filter throughout. It’s amazing how stuffy locked buildings can become. Opening all the windows is like allowing your bricks and mortar house to breathe deeply and, when you then breathe within it, it’s a blast of fresh, cleansing air for your earthly temple.

2: Exercise: You may not be able to go to the gym, but you can take five minutes to exercise at home and kick-start your metabolism. It is generally agreed that morning exercise helps your body to burn calories more efficiently during the day, especially if you have a desk-bound or other sedentary job. It actually helps your body to produce more energy by way of the mitochondria in your cells, and aids mental focus and clarity. An energised and active body functions more efficiently – including on the level of detoxing itself – than one that is sluggish and fatigued.

  1. Drink filtered water: This may seem like stating the obvious, but how many times do we fail to do the good that we know to do? Drink at least eight glasses of water per day— yes, even in winter— to help flush toxins from the body. Start with warm water in the morning, with a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar. One sure way to tell if you are drinking enough is to check the colour of your urine, which should be clear or almost clear. Beer-coloured urine is a no-no.
  2. Clean soap: Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what you feed it with. It is best to avoid soaps that are heavily perfumed and that contain chemicals. Instead, go for natural soaps that are infused with herbs and essential oils. It is best to go for uncomplicated soaps and cleansers, and one that is a favourite of mine is African black soap – the authentic variety that has variegated shades of brown throughout the bar, as opposed to the less natural ones that tend to have just one homogenous colour. Similarly, use clean, natural body lotions: shea and cocoa butters; coconut and olive oils, and other natural products.
  3. Eat organic when possible: Organic food is tastier and more nutritious than much of the fare that is commonly available these days. It may not be possible to go completely organic, but there are certain products that should be avoided if not produced organically. Soft berries and soft-leaved salads – such as spinach, strawberries, grapes and nectarines – tend to have higher residues of pesticides when grown inorganically. Even apples, that are not exactly soft berries, appear on the list of dirty dozen fruits – so do cucumbers and sweet peppers. Check also the clean dozen list of fruits and vegetables. Of course, before consumption, remember to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, preferably in a solution of vinegar and salt, even if they are organic. Fuelling the body with food that has as little toxic overload as possible eases the strain that it has to go through to eliminate those poisons.
  4. Periodic fasting: Aside from being a spiritual discipline, fasting allows the body to rest and recover from the daily grind of digesting food and eliminating the waste. There are many options for doing a cleansing fast, with all-juice fasts or all-fruit fasts for one to three days being among the most popular and effective. Of course, if you have any medical conditions, it’s best to consult your doctor before embarking on any type of prolonged fast.
  5. Cut down on meat: Many people are experiencing the benefits of reducing animal products in their diets. Meat tends to put the body in a more acidic state, which is a conducive environment for mucous and disease to thrive in. Include several meat-free days in your week, and go for plant-based sources of protein to reduce the level of accumulated mucous and to lean your body more towards the alkaline state, which is a much better state for optimum functioning.
  6. Food combining: Eating proteins and carbohydrates at separate meals is a good way of easing the strain on the digestive system. This makes energy available for other metabolic functions, such as internal cleansing. Try it for at least a week.
  7. Supplement: It is important to use good quality, natural supplements to replenish your body’s nutritional reserves and to boost all its functions, not least its ability to cleanse itself naturally.
  8. How you prepare what you consume is just as important as what you consume. Aluminium and Teflon cookware are among the most notorious materials that react with and contaminate the food cooked in them. Go for 316Ti steel, which is a combination of stainless steel and titanium, and is the purest cookware material that is available. For a free meal demonstration of how this works, telephone 074403 79144 and ask for an appointment.

Happy spring cleaning, and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2018!




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