London Games Festival adds Black, Asian and minority ethnic creatives exhibition

This year’s London Games Festival will feature an exhibition of the work of BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) creatives who work in the UK games industry.

Entitled Ensemble, the exhibition is curated by Sharna Jackson and supported by the British Council. The London Games Festival says: “Ensemble highlights the significant contribution BAME creatives have made to the UK’s games culture at every level, focusing on up to eight artists and delving into their work. Ensemble aims to inspire the next generation of game developers from all backgrounds, offering a fresh angle on game development as a creative process. It will also showcase how diverse talents and perspectives are vital for building more diverse digital worlds and creating the games of the future.”

Jackson says: “Important work is being created by minorities, and it’s imperative to highlight these achievements – especially in this climate – and to encourage and support the next generation of talent as they emerge.” It is still possible to submit your own work for the exhibition (before a deadline of 6 March) or put others forward for it; details of how to do that can be found here.

The London Games Festival runs between 5 and 15 April. The lack of ethnic diversity, and bias towards men, among games developers has become a much-discussed issue recently, so any attempts to address that are always welcome.

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Written By: Steve Boxer

First Published 26.02.18:

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