Climbing to see Young People’s lives changed by Jesus

From the 8th – 17th June 2018, a group of eager explorers, made up of Youth for Christ staff and supporters, are going to be climbing to the rooftop of Africa to raise funds for Youth for Christ’s work in Britain. They will ascend Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s largest freestanding mountain, over 6 days in order to see more young people’s lives changed by Jesus!

The trek is going to be life-changing for those taking part and for the young people who will benefit from their hard work climbing the mountain. The challenge of Kilimanjaro is that the climb will start off in humid rainforest heats of around 25c-30c and could end in snow of -15c to -20c! There will be times when the group will laugh, cry and get sick from the altitude.

In those moments, though, they will remember that each step they take will make a significant difference to the lives of young people throughout our nation. That’s because the group are undertaking this gruelling task of reaching the summit; 19,340ft above sea level, to raise money for Youth for Christ’s vital work in schools, churches, prisons and on housing estates across Britain.

Youth for Christ are all about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus – which is why we show Jesus in a way that’s relevant to every young person in Britain. Wherever you find young people, there you will find Youth for Christ projects, centres, resources and workers making a difference in communities.

National Director, Neil O’Boyle, who is part of the team climbing Kilimanjaro, says: “There is only one reason I am willing to embark on 10 days of pain, blisters, aching limbs, freezing temperatures and altitude sickness – it’s because I believe in the mission of Youth for Christ. We want to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus.” Our team target is to raise £60,000 and each climber has committed to raising £5,000 through others standing alongside them and sponsoring them. Would you be able to join in with The Climb? Together, we can see more young people’s lives changed by Jesus!

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Tim Adams

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