Healed – Tue 3 Apr – Sun 8 Apr at The Omnibus Theatre London

Carmel Greystone In association with Agape Theatre Company presents a play by award winning Director Mark Grey (Holy Hush, Redemption Song, Asylum) Healed.  

After sell-out shows at Waterloo East Theatre & The Courtyard Theatre with Asylum, the first play in their restoration trilogy, Agape Theatre Company are pleased to return to the London Fringe with the second play of the trilogy HEALED.

Ophelia, Bridget & Sajmal are now free of the bars and chains that held them captive in asylum, and seek healing and empowerment in order to move on with their lives. Ophelia struggles to find the strength to exorcise the demons of her abusive childhood and seeks healing by confronting her ailing father.

Bridget, who for so long has been a victim of hapless partners and failed relationships has become jaded and cynical. She is in danger of losing the one person that truly loves and cares for her. Sajmal is restricted by the glass ceiling. She has invested so much in learning how to play the corporate game and seeking validation in others that she has lost both her sense of self any real grip on reality.

Healed follows their struggles as they navigate the casualties and survivors of past relationships in an effort to truly break free from the shackles of the Asylum and explore their powerful and newly restored potential. The chains and the bars may have gone but now their fight as they rediscover themselves, is to embrace life, shape their future and be HEALED.

Omnibus Theatre 1 Northside Clapham Common SW4 0QW

Tuesday April 3rd – Sunday April 8th                                      Box Office: 020 7498 4699

Online Bookings:   www.omnibus-clapham.org                    Tuesday – Saturday 7:30PM

Tickets: £15 / £12 (conc.)                                                        Sunday 6PM

Tuesday 3rd All Tickets £12!

Sunday’s performance 8th April will be BSL Interpreted for the deaf and hearing impaired


Reviews from Asylum (Part 1 of the trilogy)

Asylum unpacked a powerful display of intrigue and interplay between the characters…(Asylum) skillfully depicts the true meaning of peace and contentment when we are prepared to face up to the realities our past issues amidst the recurring challenges of the present. Richard Daly – The Messenger

The cast was amazing.                                              P Crooks

A moving play, it touches a nerve…                          L McDonald

The atmosphere was electrifying                              JL Brown


Agape has also been well received by the Press on previous visits to the London Fringe.


-THE STAGE- “This production is brilliant entertainment and deserves a large audience.” -BBC RADIO LEICESTER- ­“Brilliant entertainment. Brilliant acting.”

-THE SCOTSMAN-“There is an integrity and passion, which gives it its own particular charm.”

-THE HERALD-“Redemption song is a challenging presentation, with a strong ‘feel good’ factor. Worth a look” “Mark DeLisser’s Louie, a dynamic and attractive figure.” “Honours to Madeline McQueen, Her performance was a delight, and hugely enjoyed by the audience.”


-The Voice- The Loser is a Winner! Leaves the audience with much more of what more expensive productions offer, but fail to deliver.



Thou Shalt Not

“Intense. An engaging piece. A well-written, well -acted drama.”

“Theatre’s great secret is out. (Mark Grey) is one of London’s best kept secrets.”

“A strong cast & a well written script. An intensity brought about by the quality of the acting. You are actually in the room with them gaining an insight into their minds”

“A sparky performance from Ellen-Gayle Harewood that appealingly draws out the contradictions of the character.”

Kentish Times


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