Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan to adopt ‘inclusion rider’ for projects

Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan will adopt a diversity clause for projects made by his production company.

He said he was committing to using the “inclusion rider” for all work made by Outlier Society.

It’s a clause in an actor’s contract in which they ask or demand that projects have a diverse cast and crew.

In an Instagram post he said he was doing it “in support of the women and men who are leading this fight.”

Michael B Jordan plays villain Erik Killmonger in the superhero movie Black Panther.

The film has been praised for being the first Hollywood superhero movie to have a predominately black cast.

The term “inclusion rider” was a big feature at the Oscars after being used by Frances McDormand at the end of her best actress acceptance speech.

It was invented by media researcher Stacy Smith during a talk in which she came up with ways to show more women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities on screen.

According to the University of Southern California, where Dr Smith is a professor, the concept of an inclusion rider is: “A-list actors can incorporate a clause in their contracts that stipulates that inclusion, both on camera and behind the scenes for crew members, be reflected in films.

“The rider states that women, people of colour, people with disabilities, and members of LGBT and marginalised communities who are traditionally under-represented be depicted on screen in proportion to their representation in the population.”

Other A-listers have also signalled they are willing to support the cause.

First Published: 08.03.18:

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