New Resource to See the Newly Retired Living Life to the Full

The experience of retirement has been transformed in a generation. Unlike their parents, those now at the end of their full-time work have the health, energy and resources for new experiences and challenges.

However, many Christians simply don’t know of the opportunities to live their new life to the full and churches are seldom equipped to help them or are unsure of how to tap into their resources.

This is the need AfterWorkNet has been set up to meet. Doing so by building a community of like-minded people committed to enriching and resourcing each other in their new lives.

Through the extensive website, Facebook group, blogs and regular emails AfterWorkNet is tackling everything from the stress of change to opportunities for service,  health and fitness to relationships, and thinking Biblically about life after full-time work.

Peter Meadows, AfterWorkNet Program Director says, “The World Health Organisation recently declared that 65 years old is still considered young. Their new research defines 66 to 79 as ‘middle-aged’. This makes it vital to help these ‘young-old’ make the most of the years ahead”.

Peter adds, “We are especially committed to seeing Christians explore opportunities of service and to understand what discipleship means in this phase of their lives. And to do so as part of an active community of retired Christians making make life better for each other – starting important conversations and sharing inspiring ideas and the best insight”.

AfterWorkNet is a new initiative of CARE whose Chief Executive, Nola Leach, says, “Equipping Christians of every age and stage of life to engage in society to make a difference is why CARE exists”.

Nola concludes, “CARE is pleased to launch AfterWorkNet to reach out, resource and create a community of Christians nearing or are newly retired to make the most of the years of opportunity ahead of them”.

Rachael Adams

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