A Police woman who overcame abuse and wanted to do more to help the local community has re-launched her charity Firefighters

Miriam Virgo, is hosting The Naked Truth – a Christian based empowerment conference – on Saturday June 9th at Arc Church Forest Gate.

This will be the fourth of the charity’s events  after a 7 year hiatus and will include support, hope and encouragement for people in the community dealing with challenging issues such as addiction, gang and knife crime, Domestic abuse, rape, depression, anxiety and sickness. Her focus is also to recruit volunteers for her charity which has projects such as Homeless outreach, Hostel Visits, Elderly support, Bereavement Support, Sexual abuse support and rehabilitation support for ex offenders.

The Charity also works to build better relationships between the ethnic community and police force.

Miss Virgo was sexually abused as a child and as a teenager with the offender locking her in his taxi after she booked a Taxi cab home from a friends birthday. He was arrested and charged and was found to have abused other young girls. He commit suicide before the hearing. The worst incident for Miriam was when she became pregnant after being drug raped in 2001.

She now has a sixteen year-old daughter, which she said is the best thing that could have come out of the situation.

Miss Virgo is a Christian who became a police officer to try to make a difference after experiencing years of abuse and is hoping her story will help people just like her. Who felt they had nothing to offer but turned their lives around.

Miriam who is also a published author with a book called The Naked Truth said: “This event is all about encouraging people from all walks of life to be the best they can be. In the black community and pentecostal church community, topics such as rape and abuse are seen as ‘Taboo’  I want to show that regardless of what you have been through, that does not define your identity. I went through trauma but my destiny and purpose is nothing but success”

“Folk feel like if they have been in prison, on drugs, in gangs or suffered abused then they can’t move on. I say come to this conference and hear real life stories of people who did just that”

“I’ve been through hell and back, rejected by the church at the time and was left feeling worthless but God never left me. I got through it and it’s made me determined to help as many people as I can. I’ve been through much hurt and pain but this project shows me that it gave birth to something greater than my pain”

After a period of fasting and praying in 2005, Miriam Virgo started Fire Fighters which is a community action group based on Bible Verse Jude 22/23 “Save those who have doubt by pulling them out of the Fire”  They go out into the streets and visits schools, colleges and hospitals as well as hosts events dealing with issues affecting society such as gangs, gun and knife crime.

The Naked Truth takes place from 5pm to 11pm at ARC A radical church Forest Gate. On Saturday 9th June.

For more information, visit www.thenakedtruth.org.uk or to join firefighters visit www.firefighters.org.uk

All conference proceeds go towards Firefighters.

Miriam Virgo

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