The Good Man: Exploring Economics and The Spirit

The Good Man: Exploring Economics and The Spirit is for young men who are sick and tired of economic uncertainty; sick and tired of wasting their potential, stuck in jobs they do not like because of a system that seems rigged against them.

A system designed to benefit big businesses and the super-rich with sweetheart deals and tax cuts, whilst trying to prevent our boys and young men from achieving their dreams by keeping them in a constant struggle against limited job opportunities, low wages and debt.

This book will:

REVEAL to them exactly how the financial sector has been exploiting us and our economy for centuries.

REMIND them that they are KINGS and PRINCES chosen by God before the foundation of the earth for a sacred purpose.

ASSURE them that God will equip them with the KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and FORESIGHT they need to overcome every obstacle set in their way because with God their dreams are UNSTOPPABLE!

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