Inspirational Devotional designed to Help Busy Professionals connect with God

A handy tool to help people carve out time for God, develop intimacy with the Father in the midst of a busy world.

Research shows not all of us are morning people. Some people get jarred out of sleep, mutter a quick good morning to the Lord and dash for the shower. We may love to sit at His feet but are already way behind schedule. The long commute to work beckons. We promise to make a connection with God during lunch, but unplanned interruptions may destroy our good intentions. We trod back home with our mind full of deadlines and work problems. We may also have family responsibilities waiting when we get home. At the end of the day is when it is quiet enough for us to spend some interrupted quality time with the Lord.

The devotional covers topics like work ethics, obedience, courage, and walking in love. Genstacia’s book provides a solution to people that find spending time with God in the morning challenging. She provides a starting point for people who want to spend time with God are overwhelmed about where to start. This book is a most for busy professionals who want to maintain their intimacy with God. It acts as a force to kick start people’s hunger for the word.

 “Unwind with God is the appetizer for an exciting journey with God. We cannot walk victoriously unless we spend time with God consistently. Unwind with God is a practical tool to help do that with a short prayer and journal questions”

Unwind with God is available both in kindle and paperback version.

Genstacia has served in church for eighteen years as an usher, intercessor, outreach and children’s ministry. She has a diploma in Biblical Studies. She has published several articles and written several book reviews and author interviews including best-selling author Francine Rivers.

She also offers her services as a ghostwriter, editor and writing consultant. Find out more on


Genstacia Bull

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