Windrush 70 and Beyond Project

Kingsway Project  has been funded by HLF to produce the ‘Windrush 70 and Beyond Project’.  The project celebrates the pioneering Windrush generation that came to Britain from the Caribbean from the 1940’s to 1960’s. It explores the impact of the Windrush veterans  on Britain.  

Despite the hardship of settling into a new country, experiencing racism at work and in their new communities, Caribbean people have come and contributed to making Britain great. They fought and died in battle for the United Kingdom, boosted its economy, cared for its people, produced some of its greatest athletes, and continue to do so.  They have helped to shape British social, cultural and political life.

Kingsway Project has commissioned Royal Mail personalised, Windrush 70 Stamps and produced a Windrush Activity Book. 

On Friday 11th May 2018 at 1.30pm at Bham Council House,  Kingsway Project and Birmingham City Council’s Corporate Black Workers Support Group will launch the Windrush 70 Stamps and Windrush Activity Book.    The stamps will commemorate 70 years of Windrush and the booklet gives some information about Windrush but also hopes to provide an understanding about migration.   There will  also be stories from people who had to travel as children by themselves by ship from the Caribbean to Britain.

 The display, booklet and events will demonstrate that whatever country you may migrate from to the United Kingdom, there is a shared experience which is still relevant to life today and we hope it will continue to foster community cohesion and positive active citizenship for Great Britain.   

The project has worked with intergenerational groups since June 2016.  It informed and inspired people about this legacy as well as help ensuing generations understand the sacrifice and contribution of their parents and to encourage them to be a part of handing on this rich and fascinating legacy to future generations. 

There will other events such as the launch of a Windrush display 1st June 2018 at St Martins Church, Bullring, Edgbaston St, Birmingham B5 5BB where the work, acknowledges the contribution of Caribbean seniors.  There will be a community service led by Rev Eve Pitt at Holy Trinity Church, 213 Birchfield Rd, Birmingham B20 3DG on  Sunday 17th June 2018 at 11am and a National service at Westminster Abbey, 20 Deans Yd, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA Friday 22nd June 2018 at 12 noon.  

For further information please contact   Annette Robinson Tel 07903 469 025

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