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At the start of the year, London based emcee, Feed’Em, released his newest single “That’s Where I Be At”; along with managing artists, touring and his radio show, we wanted to find out what else has been going on in his world and what to expect in the coming months.


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“That’s Where I Be At” has shown a different side to me as an artist, especially to those that have been following my movement from my “You Can Know The Half” debut. 

Many have questioned my approach, asking if I’m taking a new direction to my sound which has often been storytelling and at times, mellow. That is still very much core to my style; I have simply matured as an artist.

There was a time where I too, believed Rap was of the devil and especially Grime because that’s the culture I’m coming from.

I released “You Can Know The Half” to tell my story and I wanted people to hear the words and follow my testimony but I’ve got a bag of tricks to reveal in the coming years.

First though, my debut EP #MTF; I know right, another Feed’Em acronym to add to your list LOL. What can I say GGATG, just like, TWIBA, this EP is sounding aggresive, hard-hitting and lyrical; the concept is very relevant to the season we are in where the world is appearing more ‘Christian’ and Christians, more worldly. Most wave the maturity banner to justify why we are living on the edge but the truth is there’s a lack of conviction and we need to fight back. “That’s Where I Be At” is all about taking the Gospel to a place where it may not be welcomed and I hear you fam, there’s definitely milk and meat but the truth don’t change. 

I said it before, “When making Christ relevent no longer looks Biblical, you can count me out!”

So yeah, shout out to the gang that are active on the same mission manual.

There’s this idea that the less explicit you are about your faith in your music, the more opportunities you will have. As much as that seems true, especially in the UK, there is a healthy balance where many doors have been opened to me because of my Christian world views, therefore allowing healthy conversations on mainstream platforms such as BBC Radio. Opportunities come in different shapes and sizes but ultimately our purpose determines the outcome. 

I hope to catch up with you again soon, as I reveal the title and break down the concept behind my debut EP #MTF.

I appreciate Think Bigger for the platform.

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You can catch Feed’Em, InderPaul Sandhu and Unique Creation on a #FMGUK summer music festival tour with suprise guests; dates include Big Church Day Out, Creation Fest, KingsStock Music Festival, Brightlight Fest and many more!

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