Vessel Music x Think Bigger present, ‘A Conversation With’.. Jason Nicholson-Porter

The ‘A Conversation With’ series is a series of interviews to present the persons behind the name!

We delve into every guest’s Life & Art in the conversations.

These LIVE Chats will see us have honest & unfiltered conversations with people!

Join us as together, we chat, LIVE, to this years’ The Voice UK contestant, Jason Nicholson-Porter.

Hosted by Glasgow based artist, Gideon and Tzsarita, they will be joined by Middlesbrough based artist and founder of Think Bigger; James.

Who is Jason Nicholson-Porter?

Jason is a dynamic singer-songwriter whose passion and love for Praise and Worship resonates through his live and recorded performances.

He recently appeared on this years’ The Voice UK, on which Jennifer Hudson and Sir Tom Jones described his talent as ‘anointed’.

Jason’s first encounter with singing was at the age of five years old where he performed his first solo. Having been exposed to music and singing from an early age, Jason’s influence and drive to develop his gift was largely a result of his parents, who were both involved in music ministry.

Jason now boasts over twenty-five years performance experience, including singing backing vocals for Emeli Sande and Wretch 32.


Who is Jason Nicholson-Porter?

In our conversation with Jason Nicholson-Porter, we will talk about..

  • Early music
  • His testimony and calling
  • His experience as a contestant on The Voice 2018
  • Challenges of being a Christian in the music industry
  • What’s in store musically
  • AND much more!

DATE: 17th May 2018

Join the conversation with Jason Nicholson-Porter

Tune in and Watch LIVE:

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