A literal racism WatchDog is calling out prejudice on Twitter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Twitter is a great way to discover new information and content, but it has a lot of problems. 

With trolls who are intent on spreading negativity, misery and hatred are rampant on the site. Although there are ways of reporting their actions, there are often so many of them that it is too overwhelming.

Racism is a major issue on the social media site, comes in many shapes and forms, and deserves to be called out whenever it happens.

How about then, if there was an account that calls out some of the worst cases of racism on the site and did so in a comedic way. And how about if it was run by a dog?

On that note, we are pleased to introduce the Racism Watch Dog, an account which is literally sniffing out racism and barking at it.

The account has been active since November 2017 and already has over 300,000 followers. Here is an example of some of its best tweets.​

Written By: Greg Evans 

First Published 28.05.18: https://indy100.com/article/racism-watchdog-twitter-account-social-media-viral-prejudice-8371586

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