Rise in proportion of BAME suspects on Met’s gangs matrix

Nearly nine in 10 suspected gang members on police list from minority ethnic groups.

The proportion of suspects on the Metropolitan police’s gangs matrix from minority ethnic groups has increased to nearly nine in 10, according to the force’s own figures.

The data revealed after a question by Sian Berry, the London assembly member for the Green party, showed that 89% of the 3,362 individuals on the Met’s gangs list as of May 2018 were from black or minority ethnic groups. In October 2016, 87% of suspects on the database were from ethnic minority groups.

The increase has come as the numbers on the matrix overall have fallen – there are now about 450 fewer individuals on the database than there were in October 2017 – suggesting they have taken more white people off the list than people from other groups.

This month a report by Amnesty International UK identified the matrix as part of a “racialised” war on gangs, triggered by the Conservative government after the riots in 2011, that stigmatised black youngsters and violated human rights.

The findings showed that of those on the matrix, 78% were black and 9% from other ethnic minorities. This compared with Met figures stating that 27% of those behind violence in London were black.

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