The Voice UK 2018 Quarter-Finalist, Jason Nicholson-Porter, Releases New Single ‘Strawberries’

Gospel singing sensation, Jason Nicholson-Porter, has teamed up with music ministry movement, EmpoweredBy, to feature on their latest single ‘Strawberries’ released today, Friday 1st June.

Following his stellar performances on this year’s The Voice UK which landed him a spot on TEAM JHUD Jason is back with a new sound and an empowered message. In a departure from the gospel sound Nicholson-Porter fans are familiar with ‘Strawberries’ is a rock & soul, electric guitar driven, high energy, abstract track that is about the fall of man and was written and produced by Warren King, the founder of EmpoweredBy.

Explaining the story of the song Warren said, “In the Bible God says, ‘don’t eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge’, in Strawberries God is saying ‘do pick strawberries and let’s fellowship together’. The song is saying instead of focusing on what God says not to do and what would cause man to fall let’s instead focus on communion and continue in the empowering closeness with God that we had in the Garden [of Eden] at the beginning.”

On why he wanted to be a part of the EmpoweredBy project Jason said, “The reason why I wanted to be a part of this EP project is because of the title ‘Empowered’. It has that message of empowerment and every time I go out and sing that is my main aim.”

‘Strawberries’ is the lead track from EmpoweredBy’s newest EP project, ‘Empowered By Where You Are’ featuring Jason Nicholson-Porter which is set for release in early August 2018. To download/stream ‘Strawberries’ visit

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